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http://dictionary.reference.com - Find the Meanings and Definitions of Words
http://www.merriam-webster.com - Dictionary and Thesaurus - Merriam-Webster Online
http://dictionary.cambridge.org - Cambridge Dictionary Online: Free English Dictionary and Thesaurus - Cambridge University Press
http://www.onelook.com - OneLook Dictionary Search
http://www.google.com/dictionary -  Google Dictionary
http://www.thefreedictionary.com - Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus
http://www.dictionary.net - Online English Dictionary
http://translate.reference.com - Full Text Translator, Language Translation Over 50 languages including Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Japanese and Spanish
http://encarta.msn.com - MSN Encarta
http://www.wordcentral.com - Merriam-Webster's Word Central
http://www.oed.com - Oxford English Dictionary
http://www.dictionary.co.uk - people dictionary
http://www.wordreference.com - English to French, Italian, German & Spanish Dictionary
http://www.alphadictionary.com - alphaDictionary Free English Online Dictionary Word Games
http://www.ldoceonline.com - Longman English Dictionary Online
http://www.hyperdictionary.com - Online Dictionary
http://www.amathsdictionaryforkids.com - Welcome to A Maths Dictionary for Kids Online Dictionary Math Words Math Glossary
http://dictionary.law.com - Legal Dictionary
http://www.spanishdict.com - Spanish to English Translation, Dictionary & Translator / Diccionario y traductor ingles espaƱol
http://www.investopedia.com/dictionary - Financial Dictionary
http://www.wordsmyth.net - The Premier Educational Dictionary - Thesaurus


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